What is the Value of Your Soul to God?

Now, if something as insignificant as the number of hairs on your head is so important information to God, it makes sense that the things that are significant to you, are just as important to Him. That is a measure of how much He cares for you.

For with God nothing shall be impossible. Luke 1:37

As we step into this New Year, we need not be apprehensive about the coming days, weeks and months.  What barren situation are you facing today?  If God can create the world out of nothing, if God can cause an old barren woman, Sarah, to give birth to a nation, if God kept you during 2021, then God will keep and protect you in 2022. In case you did not know this, God has His eye on you!

God’s Gift

Today, as we celebrate another Christmas, remember that for some, Christmas is the saddest time of the year. I overheard a lady on TV says she has to be drugged to enjoy life.  More and more people today do not celebrate Christmas because they say it is a pagan holiday; to others Christmas is a marketing tool, while to many, it is just another day like every other day. Let us however not lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas.  Christmas is the commemoration of the arrival of the greatest and most important gift ever given, the gift of God’s love, Jesus Christ.

Broken But Not Forgotten

During our lifetime, we will experience some kind of brokenness, which may leave wounds so deep that, like a natural wound, it will need special attention.  A Band-Aid will not work.  We need special medicine.  If we do not take proper care of these wounds, they will appear, on the surface, to have healed, but underneath the scab, it may be infected.

Time With Jesus

Is it any wonder our days are often upsetting, troubled, and unfulfilled? Do you wonder why you feel so far from God? If you want to secure a good day, if you want your relationship with God move to the next level, you will need to spend quality time with the Lord.

God Values You

Your social status, your education, your breeding, none of these things matter. They cannot influence God’s love for you. In God’s eyes you are valuable, and He was willing to pay the price for your life even though it cost Him His. He gladly died for you because He loves you.

Grace over Poetic Justice

What has the Holy Spirit promised you that appears to be impossible? Hold on to God’s promises. Do not give up. God is able.

Don’t Quit !

Nobody likes to fail, yet Job 14:1 tells us “Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble”.  Trouble, whether it be pain, disappointment or failure, is inevitable, even for believers. We, however  should not be devastated by failure

Look Up!

When our troubles come, and they will come, let us “stand firm… fully prepared, immovable, victorious” (Ephesians 6: 13), and look up to the Lord for direction.

Little Lamb Arise

We sometimes feel overwhelmed, weighed down by the numerous situations around us.  Some feel smothered with a sense of hopelessness and fear.  We, however, are not alone. Jesus is with us, and He is compassionate towards us.


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