A Need for More

Time spent with God is supposed to be refreshing and empowering. It should be a time where we receive spiritual nourishment from the Holy Spirit. It is a time to “Get up and eat, for the journey is too much for you.” 1 Kings 19:7. Many devotionals are designed to aide in this process by exposing some of the hidden gems found in the Bible, God’s Word. Devotionals however, should never become replacements for the Bible.

Each day brings its own share of demands, and we are not always able to spend the time required to mine all those gems which are scattered across the pages of the Bible. Instead, we may reach for a devotional comprising a short passage of scripture, a nice story, a quick thought and a prayer.

For some persons this is enough spiritual nourishment to take them through a day. However, there are others who need a little more meat on that proverbial bone. This meat is what I try to provide in this devotional. I pray that those who are seeking for more will find nourishment in Flow with God.

Debbran Scarlett

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