Debbran Scarlett
Cell Group Leader, Teacher, Banker.

Some years ago I dreamed that I was proudly walking with Jesus, moving from room to room of what could have been my work place. I felt so proud to be walking with Jesus! However, as we entered the various rooms, I began to notice the reaction of the persons around us. Some casually greeted Him as they continued with their busy lives, some simply ignored Him, while others quickly left the room when they saw Him coming.

I could not believe it!

I turned to Him to complain, “Jesus, do You see how they have been treating You?”

His response was telling, “Yes, Debbran. What are you going to do about it?”

The persons in my dream were believers. We all knew Jesus, but He did not impact our day, in a positive way. This blog is to remind us all of the value of traveling daily with our Lord along the highway of life, allowing Him to order our steps in His Word.

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