Let Go

Listen carefully, I am about to do a new thing, Now it will spring forth;
Will you not be aware of it? I will even put a road in the wilderness, Rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:19 AMP

i recently watched a video of two persons preparing to eat a mango. One was a woman who may have been from a Caribbean Island, the other a male.

The man used a knife to cut around the mid-section of the mango. He then gave it a hard twist, separating the fruit into two halves which he called cups. Using a spoon, he then scooped out the inside. The woman on the other hand used her teeth to remove the skin from the fruit, and, holding the skinless fruit with her two hands, she proceeded to enjoy the mango.

Now, I have been eating mangoes most of my life, and, like the woman in the video, I have always removed the skin with my teeth. I have never tried to eat a mango with a spoon, and it is quiet unlike that I ever will eat a mango with a spoon.

Some Christians are like that.

We are unwilling make changes. We are comfortable with the way things are, and shun anything that will “rock our boats”.

Therefore, God sometimes have to step in and shake the ground a little….. sometimes twice in one week. 

Why? Because He wants to start something new in our lives. Sometimes however, we insist on holding on to our old ways, our old habits and our old plans, which were perfect for the last season, but may require some adjustments today. Take the Israelites in Joshua 12:5 for example.  Soon after entering the Promised Land, they had to start eating the crop of the land, because, after 40 years of eating manna in the wilderness, God changed their diet. New season often comes with changes.

 Life as we know it has changed. The season has changed, and suddenly,  we no longer do things the way we have always done them.

For many of us, our lives have been disrupted and some plans are on hold….indefinitely. Many are afraid, and many feel hopeless.

In the midst of all the chaos, God is saying, “Behold I am about to do a new thing, now it will spring forth”.  This sounds like a part of a bigger plan.

Yes, God plans things. He said it. He said I know the plans and thoughts I have for you. Jeremiah 29:11. Therefore, He is not operating in a haphazard, slapdash manner. God’s business is well planned out, and your life is included in God’s plans.

You have decided the length of our lives. You know how many months we will live,  and we are not given a minute longer. Job 14:5 NLT.

Additionally, God will do whatever is necessary to make His plans for you happen.  He will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in your desert. He is God. “If he holds back the rain, the earth becomes a desert. If he releases the waters, they flood the earth” Job 12:15. If He can do this, can He not create rivers in your dry places?

Pastor Steven Furtick from Elevation Church said that the conformed mind may say, “This is the way things are supposed to work”.  However, he asked, “is it possible, in this season, that God is trying to do a new thing in your life?” Maybe.  Hence the shakings taking place.  Rest in the Lord. Let go, and let God have His way.

Prayer: Lord give us transformed minds so we can see, understand and appreciate what You are doing in this season. Amen   

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