Love Unconditionally

Bless those who persecute you. Don’t curse them; pray that God will bless them. Romans 12:14 NLT

Recently, a friend really hurt me. We eventually discussed the matter and are good again.

Before we settled this however, I took my burden to the Lord, expecting Him to sympathize or something. All He said was, “Humble yourself”.

I began to complain, “But Lord, I am the victim here!”

“Humble yourself”. The case was closed.

As I did my devotions this morning, my mind went to Judas. Here was a disciple planning to betray his Rabbi. Yes I know what the scripture says, that he was the son of perdition and as some put it, he was doing that which he was born to do. However, at the time because of what had happened between me and my friend, I could not help wondering how Jesus felt. (Not that I was calling my friend Judas, or making a comparison between them).

Judas walked with Jesus daily, they ate together, he saw the miracles Jesus did, he saw the battles with the religious leaders, and yet he was planning to “sell out” the Master for thirty pieces of silver.

What was even more astounding, however, was the fact that Jesus knew what was going on in Judas’ mind. Yet He treated him no differently than He treated the rest of the disciples. When Jesus was bestowing on the disciples the power to cast out demons and heal the sick, Judas was included in the lot. He was not left out. Matthew 10:1. Jesus loved Judas as much as He loved the others.

There are times when people will treat you badly because you offended them, but all Jesus ever did to Judas was to love him.

Could I do what Jesus did? Can I love my friend, knowing what I do?

Matthew 5:44 is a profound scripture. The Amplified version goes like this:

But I say to you, [a]love [that is, unselfishly seek the best or higher good for] your enemies and pray for those who persecute you

Lord, teach me to love unselfishly. Help me to seek the best for those who are unkind to me, even though I am hurting inside. Please show me how to turn my gaze away from myself, and see the good in people.


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